State of Georgia Wins Big with New NexxPhase Cloud-Based Citizen Engagement Platform, Replacing Old Legacy Hosted Call Centers

NexxPhase was awarded The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) statewide Hosted Contact Center (HCC) Master Services Agreement (MSA) that enables any state or local government organization to acquire the company’s technology products and services under fixed-priced, multi-year terms. Both parties entered into contracts that will establish the NexxPhase Customer Engagement Platform as the workflow and multi-channel interaction foundation of six initial state agencies.

The State of Georgia demanded better reliability, agility, and the ability to provide a SingleView as well as pricing advantages over the old platforms, such as older legacy providers like Genesys and Avaya. The NexxPhase Customer Engagement Platform was up to the challenge.

NexxPhase Cutting-Edge Technology NexxPhase now provides technology that enables mission-critical constituent and stakeholder engagement for six agencies of the state, including the Division of Family and Children Services Office of Family Investment, which operates the largest constituent interaction program in the state, and Child Protective Services, which requires unfailing system reliability to ensure submission of reports of children-at-risk through multiple channels.

Other agencies acquiring NexxPhase technology include the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) Probationary Reporting Contact Center and the GDC Pardons and Parole Call Center, the Professional Standards Commission (GAPSC), and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

NexxPhase Partners for Ideal Software Solutions

Uniquely under the HCC master contract, NexxPhase has supplemented its core workflow engine and contact interaction platform with the industry-leading capabilities of partners that compose an expert and comprehensive contact center technology solution team to offer Georgia offices unsurpassed technology agility, creating a meaningful and satisfying constituent experience. NexxPhase partners include Public Sector experts and specialists; Contact Solutions, which engineers voice and mobility customer self-service solutions that reduce enterprise costs while increasing customer satisfaction, and has done just that for 43 States.

NexxPhase accomplished transition of services within sixty (60) days or each agency, establishing an array of Georgia government constituent engagement platforms that supports more than 1,000 call takers (from intake agents to critical needs caseworkers and corrections and law enforcement officers) and handles as many as 100,000 multi-channel inquiries daily.

The GTA contract was awarded in September of 2014 and by December of 2014, NexxPhase completed one of the largest cloud Citizen Engagement deployments in 2014. NexxPhase is currently tailoring solution enhancements for individual agencies that include advanced self-service personalization, work force management, screen, call recording and Quality Management, mobile apps, constituent geo-location, and CRM replacement and integration.

“We are extremely proud after seeing an evaluation panel of government contact center and technology experts rank the NexxPhase solution significantly above those of competing global providers,” Craig Mento, CEO of NexxPhase stated. “The state’s evaluation team recognized the competitive distinction, innovative vision, and transformational capabilities of NexxPhase Engagement Solution platform.”

NexxPhase Virtual Customer & Citizen Engagement Solutions

NexxPhase, based in Atlanta, is a rapidly-growing provider of Virtual Customer and Citizen Engagement Solutions comprising SingleView™ capabilities that rapidly integrate channels, interactions, and legacy systems to the agent, as well as the optimization of front end to contact center to back office processes. More than just a contact center solution.

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