NexxPhase Scores with Another Major Game Publisher

NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager provides Enterprise Support Centers and Outsourced Call Centers with a comprehensive cloud-based solution for 65% less.

NexxPhase recently announced a relationship with another major game publisher. NexxPhase will be providing the multichannel contact center technology platform for voice, messaging, chat and e-mail services.

The Interactive Entertainment Industry has seen explosive revenue growth since 2007. Even in a down economy, industry growth continues unabated. Technology research and advisory agency Gartner, Inc. predicted that video games worldwide pulled in $74 billion in 2011 and will grow to a staggering $115 billion per year by 2015. The computer and video game industries have grown to a major, mainstream source of entertainment for all ages. The US represented about $25 Billion revenue in 2011, according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)

Worldwide Gaming publishers realize that the way to retain customers is to be customer-obsessed. NexxPhase provides the tools and technology to support that mission for companies ranging from $1B industry giants to boutique suppliers.

“Game publishers from PC and mobile devices to online multi-media role-playing games have unique needs. Some want real-time in-game chat. Others want an e-commerce interface to monetize the brand. Our industry focus helps us anticipate their requirements and be there when they need us,” said Craig Mento, CEO of NexxPhase.

NexxPhase clients boast an incredibly high First Call Resolution rate and industry-leading customer retention. We understand the challenges of staying a step ahead of our competition. Our Workforce Management and Quality systems assure you that agent performance is continually monitored and improved.

NexxPhase forecasts another record breaking year for the Gaming Industry and looks forward to becoming a partner in success for our clients.

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NexxPhase ( helps companies shatter brick-walled customer channel siloes. The open, cloud-based NexxPhase Customer Engagement PlatformTM powers a SingleViewTM of each customer across all interaction channels and is packaged with commercial-grade contact center services in a customer-friendly, pay-for-use business model with no upfront fees or fixed minimum charges.

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