NexxPhase and Contact Solutions Enter Partnership Pact

IVR Services are initial offering

NexxPhase, a company that provides cloud-based services designed to break down siloes and enhance the customer engagement with a single view, recently partnered with Contact Solutions to bring business intelligence and customer self-service together.

Contact Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based customer care solutions improved by business intelligence are experts at guiding governments and commercial enterprises through the process. Their data-driven approach to improving Customer Engagement management and the customer experience was the first of its kind to help enterprises and governments serve their clients better with data-driven benchmarking, actionable analytics and optimization.

“Contact Solutions has made a real science out of studying the difference between customer disservice and a rewarding customer experience. And then doing something about it. We’re thrilled to be working with them,” – Craig Mento, CEO of NexxLinx.

Vete Clements, COO and EVP of Strategic Development at Contact Solutions, commented, “NexxPhase has done an excellent job at understanding the unique needs of each client. Contact Solutions’ cloud-based IVR and mobile customer self-service is a perfect fit within their infrastructure, creating effortless customer care, breaking down the silos through highly personalized engagements, and providing sustainable, unique solutions for our mutual customers that quickly adapt to rapidly changing customer demands.”

Each call is tailored to the individual based on multi-layered, behavior-based personalization from previous caller activity and session activity (e.g. speed of response, skill level of user, etc.), using proprietary business intelligence and call processing software, resulting in a highly personalized experience for each customer and less effort to successfully use self-service.

About Contact Solutions
At Contact Solutions, we believe customer care should be effortless for the customer and sustainable for the enterprise. Our cloud-based, voice and mobile customer care solutions reduce effort through highly personalized self-service and agent-assisted experiences, provided at the convenience of the customer. We use business intelligence to continually improve and optimize customer care so enterprises can achieve superior results at sustainable cost, while adapting quickly to rapidly changing customer demands. (

About NexxPhase
NexxPhase ( helps companies shatter brick-walled customer channel siloes. The open, cloud-based NexxPhase Customer Engagement PlatformTM powers a SingleViewTM of each customer across all interaction channels and is packaged with commercial-grade contact center services in a customer-friendly, pay-for-use business model with no upfront fees or fixed minimum charges.

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