“Before we began working with NexxPhase we were limited to supporting customers exclusively via the phone. Now our customers get the support they want, the way they want to experience it, in the game, online or through a console, SMS, email, Call back, chat, web, putting the experience into the game. ”

NexxPhase (http://www.nexxphase.com) helps companies shatter brick-walled customer channel siloes. The truly open, cloud-based NexxPhase Customer Engagement Platform™ (CEP) powers a SingleView™ of each customer across all interaction channels and is packaged with commercial-grade contact center services in a customer-friendly and customer aligned business model, RaaS.

We've been in the contact center industry for 15 years - our parent company is an international Business Processing Outsourcing provider for some of the world's most powerful International financial, publishing, media and entertainment companies. To offer customers an attractive investment model, we developed our NexxPhase Customer Engagement Cloud in the most cost-effective packaging of hardware, software and network services possible. NexxPhase SingleView™ and Real-Time Mash-Up™ presentation capabilities, and the QuickChannel™ rapid integration program, are key capabilities we designed into the NexxPhase CEP. From the ground-up, we designed for performance. Our innovations were designed and architected by:

NexxPhase Capabilities
Our platform has virtually all of the capabilities you have come to expect from your contact center technology provider.